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Industrial Oils

Its a petroleum or synthetic - base fluid commonly used in lubrication of industrial machine such as hydraulic systems, turbines, compressors, bearings, open and closed gears, machine tool slideway, pneumatic tools and industrial transmissions. It contains antiwear agent to minimize wear.

We produce Quality Industrial Oil in various pack sizes and grades as per the needs of our esteemed clients.

Compressor Oil

Compressor oils are formulated from highly refined petroleum oils and fortified with performance additives to give it better thermal and oxidation stability.


  • Compressor oils are recommended for cylinder lubrication of reciprocating and rotary air compressors.


  • Provide satisfactory lubrication under high temperature and load conditions
  • Meet DIN 51506 VD-L specification.

Vacuum Pump Oil

It is a high viscosity index, medium viscosity straight mineral oil made from high quality solvent refined base oil for the lubrication of vacuum pump cylinders.


  • Recommended for the lubrication of vacuum pump cylinders.It is also suitable for use in pump bearings and sealing glands.


  • Excellent rust and corrosion protection
  • Long service life due to high level of chemical and thermal stability and freedom from deposit formation
  • Excellent wear protection under start-up and boundary conditions
  • Excellent air release properties to provide efficient pump operation
  • Excellent demulsibility to separate quickly from water and resist emulsion formation

Hydraulic Oil 32/46/68

Hydraulic Oils are the medium by which power is transferred in hydraulic machinery. Hydraulic oil designed for use in circulating systems is made for high viscosity index. Chemically stable base stocks which are further added with additives like anti-oxidants, anticorrosive, anti-wear & antifoam. They meet the requirement of very high pressure systems and also with high pump speeds.


  • Recommended for all hydraulic pump designs including vane,gear, axial and radial piston pumps. They are widely used in machine tools, presses, die casting machines, plastic injection molding, circulating systems and hydraulic control systems. Used in lubrication of plain and anti-friction bearings, airline lubricators, reciprocating air compressors and moderately loaded gear sets.


  • High viscosity index
  • Excellent oxidation stability
  • Excellent demulsibility and long service life

Concrete Mould Oil

Concrete Mould Oil is prepared from highly refined petroleum oils and fortified with performance additives to give it high thermal stability.


  • Recommended as mould release oil for concrete moulds..


  • It has a low viscosity to provide satisfactory performance as concrete mould release oil.

Industrial Gear Oil 220/320/460/680

Industrial Gear Oils are formulated from highly refined petroleum oils and fortified with performance additives to give it better thermal stability and oxidation resistance.


  • Industrial Gear Oils are recommended for heavy duty enclosed gear drive working under heavy or shock load conditions. The oils can also be used for plain and roller bearings, chain drives, couplings or spray lubrication systems requiring EP gear oil..


  • Excellent thermal and oxidation stability.
  • Protection against rust and corrosion.
  • Meets AGMA standard 250.04 and US STEEL 224 specifications.